From the Vezyroglou Farm to the daily menu

From the Vezyroglou Farm to the daily menu


Our salads are more delicious and fresher than ever! We understand this from the tenderness and the taste of the leaves, as suddenly, we feel the need to eat vegetables more often, not only because we have to pay attention to our diet, but because we understand with the first bite that these "leaves" are unique!

The food company A. Vezyroglou & Co. produces them in a vertical unit based in Alexandria, Imathia, where the privately owned farm of the Vezyroglou family is located, counting more than 100 years of existence. Exclusively leafy vegetables are produced - baby leaves, which are cultivated and packaged by applying innovative mild cultivation techniques, with absolute respect for the environment and humans.

The company has the largest production of leafy vegetables in Northern Greece and is one of the largest in the country. It is the largest production unit of baby leaves in Greece, a fact that gives it a characteristic advantage in the market.

Mild cultivation is an umbrella of processes and internal control systems that is achieved at all stages, with continuous field monitoring by specialized personnel and through advanced technology.

And somehow, they reach our plate, Baby Leaves, young leaves of small vegetables (~ 10cm): they are the new trend in the modern diet due to the appearance, the greater shelf life and the more options for the preparation of salad. From the Vezyroglou Farm, the salad that usually played a secondary role at the table, becomes the protagonist!