Why Vezyroglou

The company A. VEZYROGLOU & Co. was founded in 2006. It operates exclusively in the field of leafy vegetables and specializes in the production of Baby Leaves. Today it produces, packages and distributes, as a vertical unit, to the retail markets and food services in Greece and abroad. The quality and safety of the products and the long-term reliability of the company are guaranteed by the accumulated know-how, the new technology that supports it, the procedures that are followed, as well as the specialized and experienced human resources.



The Farm in Alexandria, Imathia, has a history of 100 years. Today it occupies an area of 80 hectares of open field cultivation as well as greenhouses and nethouses in order to increase the production and availability of products during the year, regardless of weather conditions. The “Vezyroglou Farm” has the largest production of leafy vegetables in Northern Greece and is among the largest farms in Greece. Especially in the production of baby leaves, the company has the largest production and range of products in Greece. The annual production and distribution exceeds 3,000 tons of products.



The philosophy and practice "from farm to fork" is at the heart of the company's productive model. Today, the company is a vertical unit specializing in the agricultural production, packaging and distribution of fresh leafy vegetables. This vertical system allows for the production of safe and quality products, while maintaining their freshness.

The "from farm to fork" philosophy is the only process that allows the complete traceability of raw materials and their connection with the final products that are on the shelves.

Traceability means that from the marking number of our products on the bags on the shelves in the shops we can retrieve the entire production history of the specific products, in time and quantity, in the fields where they were grown as well as at the packing-house, from the moment the seed is sown in the fields until distribution at the end point of sale.



The agricultural production takes place in Alexandria, Imathia, at a privately owned Farm of 80 hectares, with 40 hectares of Nethouses and 13 hectares of Greenhouses. Greenhouse cultivation allows for fully controlled crop growth conditions.

The sorting and packing is done in the privately owned premises (refrigerators, packing facilities and warehouses) of 2,500 sq.m., which were expanded and upgraded in 2019. Today, 4 state-of-the-art packing lines for baby leaf salads are in operation



The quality and safety of the products are guaranteed by the specialized staff and its experienced agronomists. The Company employs 5 agronomists, 1 chemical engineer, 10 techno-agronomists and other technical staff.

Our fifteen years of involvement in the production, sorting and packing of leafy vegetables, through extensive variety testing, plant protection, fertilization and other cultivation techniques, makes us pioneers in this range of products.



An important element of the company is the Research and Development department. It aims to better control the production and its more environmentally-friendly approach, the continuous improvement of the quality of the products produced as well as the overall modernization of the company. Through collaborations, such as with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, every year the company's know-how is improved both in the agricultural production and in the packing-house procedures.



Our system applies controls at all critical points (production, harvest, transport to the plant, fast cooling, refrigeration, packing, dispatch, transport to the clients) according to the protocols of hygiene and safety of GLOBALGAP PLUS and HACCP that the company applies.

The packing of the Baby Leaves is done in 4 modern production lines through sieves, optical sorters and manual inspection tables for the rejection of undesired leaves and other materials. The traceability system is fully applied from the fields to the dispatch of the end products.

Our vertical system “from farm to fork” (we produce, we pack, we sell) allows for full traceability of the products and decreases the time needed between harvest, packing and dispatch which, in turn, increases the freshness and the safety of our salads.