The Vezyroglou Farm has incorporated in its DNA the idea of continuous development through pioneering technology. At this Farm were firstly introduced pioneering methods of cultivation as well as new machinery, highly innovating at the time.

  • 2006

    The first baby leaf harvesting machine in Greece was purchased.

  • For the first time in Greece nethouses were constructed for the cultivation of vegetables.

  • 2009

    For the first time in Greece, unwashed and unprocessed baby leaves were produced, packed and marketed.

  • For the first time in Greece new species of baby vegetable leaves were developed (kale, mizuna, mustard, tatsoi).

  • 2020

    For the first time in Greece, a technology for accurate measurement of salad shelf life and their processing according to the FEFO method (First Expired, First Out) has been developed. After extensive research, technology has been developed that measures the shelf life of each lot of raw material on the day of harvest. This innovative method allows the company to pack products according to their expected shelf life and not according to the day of harvest. It also allows quality degradation to be recorded timely, so that we can reject undesired lots before they reach the market.