Food quality & Safety policy

The goal of the company "ANTONIS VEZYROGLOU & CO.", which expresses the principles and philosophy of the management, is the production of products characterized by safety and high quality.

This goal is covered by the quality and food safety policy implemented by the company both at primary (cultivation and production of products) and at secondary level (sorting and standardization of products produced).

At a primary level, the company is committed to producing leafy vegetables with processes that fully comply with:

  • the legal provisions relating to its activities,
  • the safety of agricultural workers,
  • environmental protection and
  • the quality of the products produced

This is achieved by applying Good Agricultural Practices, as defined by National and European Community Legislation and the Integrated Agricultural Production Management System in accordance with the requirements of the GLOBALGAP PLUS standard, as expressed in its current version.

At the secondary level, the company is committed to implementing a Food Safety and Quality Management System (H.A.C.C.P.) in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 22000:2018 standard, but also with the requirements of current legislation, for the Sorting and Packaging of Fresh Vegetables.

The implementation of the food quality and safety policy of the produced products is promoted through:

  • the complete traceability of the products produced from the field to the shelf,
  • the safety risk analysis of the raw materials and products it manages,
  • the properly designed quality control from the field to the final product,
  • its competent staff,
  • continuous staff training,
  • investment in appropriate infrastructure,
  • the observance of strict personal hygiene measures,
  • the development of new technologies and techniques that improve the level of hygiene of its products,
  • The availability of a plan for managing potential food safety crises, and
  • the timely and complete recall of any non-compliant product.

The company "ANTONIS VEZYROGLOU & CO." declares its commitment to the Food Quality and Safety Policy in order to continuously improve it and through its full implementation, protects the prestige of the company and its smooth operation.

The successful implementation of all the above is the responsibility of every employee of the company in whatever department it belongs to.

The General Manager

Vezyroglou Antonis